GB-59 1/72 Curtis P-40K Warhawk - WW2 PTO V

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Afternoon all 👋. Thanks for all the comments and following along.

I have commenced painting and have the main colours on. Parts of the airframe call out for a darker green, which appears to indicate repainting or replacement parts, which makes for an interesting look.




The undersides colour is self mixed as the instructions call out is sky. I have opted for light grey with a few drops of sky mixed in.

Thanks for looking, cheers Greg 🙂
Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement 👍

More progress.....



Decals are mostly on although they were a bit thick making the tail bands and the shark mouth a bit of a pain. Cutting decal softener and touch ups with a paint brush were required.

IP shroud and gun sight attached prior to the front half of the canopy being added. Main oleos for the landing gear are in place too.

Getting there.....

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