Germany vs Japan

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Nov 21, 2004
I don't know if this is the right place to be but...

What do you think?
If Germany and Japan had won WW2 would there be another war between them?

I think there would be a great one where the winner would take it all...
For sure Germany had much better equipment than Japan. But I don't know what Japan was about to develop at that time.
There was shared technology. The Japanese had the plans and example aircraft and built some Me-262s and Me-163s. What would most likely have made the difference though would have been the rocket technology. If Germany ahd won the war, they could have continued development of the V2 and it would have only gotten more advanced. Interestingly, the Germans were working on nuclear technology as well. Do you think that the Germans would have dropped a nuke or 2 on Japan?
Alot of the scientists on the Manhattan project were German, several were Jewish that had fled Germany. I have seen documents that said the Germans were close to nukes, and I have seen others that said they weren't very close. Which is correct, I do not know.
Not concidering the atom bomb,
the japs might lose the war but there would be great battles.
Think of the wermaht in the jungle and the U-boats in the pacific quiet different isn't it. But as far as the air force is concerned well then I'm sure that Germany will have the upper hand...
Generally, German technical expertise was quite superior to Japan's, and this was obviously reflected in their equipment. The Germans were also responsible for developing many of the modern battle tactics, still practised by armed forces across the world. All in all, the Germans were just more innovative as well as driven by a psychopath named Adolf Hitler.

My bet would have been on Germany.
As far as the resources are concerned we don't know how the world would have been separated. If Japan had conquered Siberia and part of North America it would have advantage of the resources.

So technology is not the only matter is it?
Had Germany and Japan acheived their respective goals of conquest during WWII, both nations would have possessed tremendous resources anyway.
Therefore, my original thought stands. I think Germany would have won a war with Japan.
It would start raining blue arse flies, and the cow would beat the snot out of the spoon, thereby starting a rather chaotic series of events that could only end in complete wackiness! :silly:

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