Great picture

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lesofprimus said:
Im sorry, but my dis gust with watermarks gets worse and worse as time goes on....

If you get a pay account there you can get the pictures watermark free.
I personally don't care much for, mainly because I have disagreements with the owners/policies. I think a copyright notice at the bottom or in a way that doesn't distract from the image is fine, but when the plaster it across the main image, that's just ridiculous. If they start doing that on the sister site,, I am going to yank all my pictures from there.
I may be wrong but I was informed that they had to put a watermark on them after some of the pictures were used for profit and were sued. Anyone confirm this?

It has only happend recently, I can remember a year ago when none of them had the watermark.
They have always had a banner at the bottom of the page with their logo and the copyright holders name, like does now. I can't see how they can be held responsible for that though. The photographers voluntarily upload the pictures and anyone in the world can see them. If an unscrupulous person or company used one of the pictures for commercial purposes, then the company or person needs to compensate the photographer. As much as I am not a fan of, I don't think they could be in the wrong in this case.
Nice picture and idiot copyright... Why they don't just put it in the corner of the pic, or at least at the edge?
By the way, the only unadvantage of todays aircraft is that compared to warbirds they're much bigger.

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