*** GROUP BUILD #17 “Jet Age/Recon/Transport ” – Winners - JUDGED COMPETITION ***

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Wayne Little

Oct 7, 2006
Adelaide Sth. Aust.
*** GROUP BUILD #17 "Jet Age/Recon/Transport " – Winners - JUDGED COMPETITION ***

The judging and tallying of the votes for Group Build #17 has finally been completed, this most unfortunate extended period was due to some Judges including myself having some other 'life' issues to contend with, I hope you can understand…..
Without further delay, Here are the Winners for GB 17:

Category 1 Beginner / Novice / Casual CATEGORY.
We only had 1 completed entry in this Section from Members.

1st Place in this Category goes to : Dave - Tigerdriver : for his Me262A-1a

Category 2 Intermediate / Casual CATEGORY.
We had a great turnout this time with 10 completed entries in this section from Members, some extremely tough decisions and close scores made this a very interesting section to judge

1st Place in this Category goes to : Jerry – Woody for his C-47A Skytrain
2nd Place in this Category goes to : Paul – Meatloaf109 for his Arado Ar196A-1
3rd Place in this Category goes to : Karl : Rochie for his Lysander

Category 3 Experienced / Expert CATEGORY.
We again had 2 members go head to Head in this battle…with 4 entries between them and winning aircraft are…

1st Place in this Category goes to : Glenn – T Bolt for his NAF-6B Mustang
2nd Place in this category gores to : Glenn – T Bolt for his YP-59 Airacomet
3rd Place in this Category goes to :Bill – N4521U for his F6F-5P Hellcat

So…CONGRATULATIONS go to Dave, Jerry and Glenn and also to the second and Third place getters.
And once again, a BIG Thankyou to all members who found the time to participate in this Build, finished or not.
It was great to see another broad range of different models presented by our members and judging continues to be tough.
We appreciate the time and effort put in by all participants at the various levels, and the outstanding exchange of Information, Hints, Tips, Parts and Decals to those who required something to help their project, this alone shows the fantastic willingness of ALL to help each other and is the real backbone of the Group build experience….
Please continue to support the Group Builds in any way you can whether you build something or just enjoy watching others do their stuff!
We want this to be a friendly atmosphere and above all…..have FUN first and Foremost!
Thanks again goes out to…The Judging Panel for their time and effort !
In my category..... Congrats Glenn, a fine job on both....
Judges, I thank you for my third place award.

All of you in All the categories are winners for participating.
To the Place winners, congrats to you all for making such great efforts.

I feel I'm in good company.
I'm with Wayne, on all counts, well done all you winners and also for all who took time out the compete, it was a toughie to choose but also rewarding to see so many top builds and such diversification across the board.

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