GB #17 Jet age / Recon / Transport Question

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Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
Might just as well start something on this one.....

****Feb 1st-May 31st - The Jet Age 1944-45 / Recon-Transport-Observer Aircraft of WW2 SPLIT BUILD

I am in need confirmation of, and a picture of an F9F-2P from CV-10 Yorktown.
I am sure this version was used at some point in time early on in the 50's during Korea.
I know the F9F-8P was operational from the Yorktown, but there is no 48th scale, that I can afford, of the 8P.

Any help would be appreciated.

****and after adding the above, I see the Jet is too far into the future..... Duh.
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Will this be any useful for you Bill?

Deployments of USS YORKTOWN (CV 10)


Still looking for a proper pic....
I don't know if these will help or not Bill, but there are two conversion kits available at Hannant's:-

Airwaves - F9F-5P recon nose @ £7.14
PJ Productions - F9F-2KD conversion @ £11.99
There is also the Revell kit of the F9F-5P, on offer at Model Hobbies @ £9.00.
Thanks for the replies....

Jan...... it doesn't, unfortunately it's an 8P, swept wings, 2's and 5's had straight wings with wing tanks. Unfortunately again, there is no 8P kit in 48th...... if VC-61 did fly the 2P, then I am looking for a photo to back that up, as well as the paint scheme and markings.

Terry....... I have a Revell 5P kit, and a Trumpeter 2P kit coming. I ordered the 2P kit because I cannot find any 5P on the Yorktown. The 2P is shorter in length than the 5P. The 6 and 8 have swept wings, no tip tanks. But if I could locate a photo of either the 2P or 5P I'm all set!

Charles....... I have kits, comin outta my eeears. I'm looking for photos to verify a Yorktown based F9F-2P or F9F-5P, paint scheme, squadron and markings.

I never imagined this would be such a struggle. All help is appreciated. I have photos of 2's and 5's but not the photo recon version.
Have seen VC-61 as Detachment 'D' and Detachment 'King' on USS Yorktown, with the Panther F9F-2P....

Not many made it seems of the -2P: 123041 + 123481, 123538 + 123597, 123616 + 133706 and 133708 +133709. A few more made of the -5P: 125314 -125321, 126265 - 126290, 126627 -126669 and 127471 + 127472...

Following on from what Jan has mentioned, here is a link that shows the deployments on Yorktown of which I note VC-61 had some detachments.

Deployments of USS YORKTOWN (CV 10)

I've also scanned some info for you which gives a number of profiles and conversion instructions if this is what you have to do to achieve your aim. These I'll email you.

Sadly I've found nothing in my references to indicate the operation of F9F-2B on Yorktown.
Thanks for that Vic. Have that one as well. Typo, 2P.

I seem to find lots for VC-61, but from all the other carriers, not the Yorktown.
All the VC-61 2P's use the PP tail code, but perhaps just the A/C number changes by the serial number.
"Why me"???????? an old boss used to say that, and he had tears in his eyes too! Gots ta be One picture out there.
For what I understand, the Hobbycraft (same as the Trumpeter) comes with decals for, F9F-2P, 123461, VC-61, PP/72, USN, as flown by Lt JA Berger, F9F-2P, 123595, VC-61, PP/155, USN, 'Life', F9F-2P, 123536, VC-61, PP/154, USN, 'Look' and F9F-2P, 123708, VC-61, PP/153, USN, 'Pic'...

Still trying to find out the decals for the Trumpeter one...
What do we qualify as "the Jet age" is it like 44-45 or has it expanded to above that?

I was thinking about a Mig-21 :D
Good catch Igor.

Then my F9F's do not satisfy the brief!

I kept putting Jet Age and Recon together. Wish I had caught it sooner, before I ended up with two F9F kits.

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Reading comprehension has never been my strong point!
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