Hello All

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Feb 6, 2007
Melbourne, Victoria

Im from down under (Melbourne) and I am very keen on WW2 history particulary aviation.
I enjoy model building aswell in my spare time.
Im 17 and hoping to become a historian one day.

My grandfather was in the RAAF although I never met him, I would of had a good chat to say the least:D

Anyway I like what I see and hope to pop my head in every so often time permitting of course.

Cheers peope:D
G'day Heinz. I am from Brisbane Qld. Welcome to the site and its ok mate my dad was in RAAF during the war as well. With the name Heinz beaware from now on I am going to call you 57 Heinz varieties sorry mate
57 Varities is cool with me:lol:

Forgot to mention a fair number of other family members served in RAF for national service.

And my old neighbour helped rebuild the rear turret on the Lanc flying in UK!

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