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Feb 25, 2005
Hello to all. I was in the 11th Airborne Div. near the end of the war. In fact, I learned, in the past five years or so on the internet why we were scheduled to jump into southern Japan on my birtday in November of 1945. Fortunately they dropped the A-bomb and avoided the expected million or so casualties expected. I have always felt that I would not have survived the planned invasion. I learned that the Japanese were dug in everywhere, including far north in Hokkaido, where I ended up in the Occupation. The million projected was minimal, I believe.

I ended up in the (airborne) infantry because they did not seem to want fighter pilot trainees when I was going in . Boo. I rode in a navy b-24 which they were using to take pictures of the Japanese coastline, and lots of P-51's landed where I was (Bihoro, a former naval air base.) Unfortunately I never rode in one of those (they were all single place.)

I will be 80 next November, and have never jumped from from an airplane since my last one in the army so many years ago. I would still loike to, but amybe I wouldn't have enough nerve.

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