Help!! True Color of this P-51

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Sep 9, 2004
Hi, it's my first post in this forum and I have a question.
My friends and I discuss this cammo scheme and I think this real color are olive green, not blue, am I rigth or wrong?
Any help are welcome!!


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what a horror story ! my gosh what a terrible paint scheme on a beautiful bird.

Freind this a/c according to the E2 code belonged to the "Yellow Jackets", the 361st fighter group. the nose coming back to the top of the anti-glare shield should be yellow including the spinner. The only thing blue should be the tail-rudder for this squadron. The blue over the fuselage and wings IS ALL WRONG. If and only if, the top portion of the fusleage running over thinnly on the tail would be olive-drab, and other than that it would be all natural aluminum.

thanks for posting, the P-51 was hot ..............


Erich ~
Thank you so much Erick, your answer solve the question.
Germans, tu também joga, maneiro!! Faço parte do VF-1 e sempre tamo no HL jogando, aparecendo por lá de um alô!!

Thank's guys!!

VF-1_Walther said:
Germans, tu também joga, maneiro!! Faço parte do VF-1 e sempre tamo no HL jogando, aparecendo por lá de um alô!!

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot. Over. :lol:

(For those of you who aren't famillar with radio alphabet, it means : "WTF ? Over".)

Hey, Erich. I think you will be able to answer the question I am wondering from years now : What are the "Yellow Jackets" ? Are they an Elite squadron ? Or a Recconnaissance squadron ? What ? I always heard about them but I never knew who they were.
That paint scheme is indeed atrocious! Wasn't the reason for the olive drab so that when seen from above, it was harder to spot? That might work if the plane flew inverted on a clear day, making it harder to spot from below. Whoever painted THAT scheme should be rented a clue!
yeah when I first saw this celar pic of a beautiful bird I almost blew a gasket seal.... :lol:

seriously the web-site mentioned will be what you need as well as the fighter group history on thunit through Schiffer publications I believe if interested. The yellow spinner and nose with the paint job later in the war going back to the anti-glare shield in front of the canopy gave name to the unit. although the 353rd fighter group had a very characteristic yellow and black checked nose, and this is terrible but I cannot think of their nick-name. the 352nd was like the 361st in the way the colours went back on the nose to the canopy but they were blue and since they had thier airfield out of bopdney in England they were called: "The blue-nose Bastards of Bodney". Have a few vet friends from this group and I am a friend of the unit as well as the 355th fg as well.

The olive drab over the fuselage and even the wings was used as ground concealment in late 44 in several units and a very characteristic job was done in the 55th fg with the olive drab coming from the back forward to a pointed V edged in yellow. the nose had a ring of yellow and green checks and the squadron that carried this camo had a yellow rudder with an upright red horse. the horse stayed into 1945 and the wars end by the camo was pulled when the squadron was inspected by a high ranking colonel who blew his top seeing the rows of Stqngs covered in this camo. He wanted everyone in the group to look the same and thought the camo was ugly and worthless..............but not according to the squadrons personell. maybe this pic will work to show one of the a/c flown by ace and friend Frank Birtceil who shot down a Me 262 in air combat. I have seen the stills. Profile done by Nick King......


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Friend and me 262 killer Huie Lambs Etta Jean II. His and ace friend Dick Hewitt's stang are framed through photos above my office doorway


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Here's small squad leader Dick Hewitt's bird. Dick scored 2 Me 262's in april of 45 near Prague. Another great profile by Nick King.


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and last another Stang but this time from the 339th fg. Friend Steve Ananian's bird. Steve scored the 339th's first Me 262 of the unit in this a/c. Nick King provides the profile again.........


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I once skinned this plane 8) Lovely bird


Edit: The pilot in the avatar I used to have (you remember it, I'm sure) was Cpt. Frank Birtciel, pilot of this plane

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