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Senior Airman
Jan 21, 2007
Brunswick, MD
I found this site awhile back but didn't have time to really check it out until now. I have studied WWII most of my life and always enjoyed learning new things.
I've been hooked on the P-47D since seeing one live at the Madera CA Airshow in 1993 and always have had a soft spot for B-25s, Wildcats, Typhoones, Huricanes and of course B-17s.
One of the biggest events of my wedding weekend in 2004 was getting to see a real FW-190 in person.
Looking forward to spending more time on here,
If seeing an FW-190 was one of the "biggest events" of your wedding weekend then we need to talk!:lol: Welcome to the forum.

Well, yeah, there were a FEW things that were higher on the list that weekend:lol:

It was a stressful wedding and seeing the 190 was a break I needed on the way to the rehersal to not go into "the kill all the inlaws" mode.

The funny thing was I had my mother in law take a photo of the bride to be and me in front of it...and she photo shopped it and cropped the plane out so we could be seen better..

Never mind the thousands of other photos she took that weekend...lol!

Thanks for the warm welcomes!
Welcome to the site.

If it was a highlight to see a real 190 then you need to come to Europe. Every museum has a real one.

Hi Adler,

I think you mean in Germany, 'cause I never saw one here in the Netherlands or in Begium. As a matter of fact, I don't recall to have seen any LW plane here, just spits and mustangs and an occasional Fokker replica. Plenty of german panther tanks though. Would love to see some LW aircraft. Which museum in germany would you recomend?

Hi Art
here's one to make you feel welcome (Duxford April 2007)


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