hey all, whatisit?

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Jan 9, 2016
hi all, iv just joined this forum hoping a learned sort might help me identify this brass thingy i found on my local beach [Bawdsey ] any ideas?/

its number 1089/185 and has the Air ministry logo above it
part 001.jpg
part 002.jpg
part 005.jpg
part 008.jpg

im probably posting this in the wrong section,if so,sorry if im messing up the system

anyhow ,many thanks in the meantime
I have no idea what it is exactly, but given the history of the area it is not surprising that such a thing would turn up. The Air Ministry had a substantial presence in the area after 1936.
I don't think it's paint. I'm not sure if there was ever an airstrip at RAF Bawdsey.
It looks more copper than brass to me.
When brass or bronze go through heavy electrolysis (or oxidation), the copper content becomes aparent.

The best example of this, would be the old brass radiators in cars, and the nearby battery would often leak on it, (eating away the black paint) turning the brass a dull copper color.

As far as Terry's comment about paint. There certainly is oxidation, but there's also some odd coloration that could indicate it had been painted at some point in the past.

The color temps of the photographs aren't helping much.
True but even old brass has more yellow in it this this. This is more reddish which makes me think copper. Also it looks like only one side is made to be loosened. I would not think it's just a clamp for securing something as if it is copper or brass there would be cheaper metals to use for that. Copper makes me think is electrical related so I would think either a battery terminal end or perhaps something used for grounding some electrical line in an airplane or on the ground.
Nor do I. The Air Ministry existed from the end of WW1 into the 1960s and had a presence at RAF Bawdsey from 1936 onward. Bawdsey was a research station, best known for early work on radar, and all sorts of Air Ministry stamped parts would have been used there for the best part of thirty years.
cheers for all the info fellas! heres a few more images. what i noticed is the clamp is angled , look at the side views . but its not been bent because the screw threads are perfectly straight .

i tried to scrape the metal some ,but its very hard ,not copper for sure . looks to be brass or bronze??


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