How do you hang your models?

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Dec 20, 2005
please tell me an effective way of how to hang models from th ceiling? I've seen many of you guys using only one little round thing i dont know of with strings
I think you shouldn't hang them.That's a pity to waste your work in the way.But the choice is yours. :)
Use sewing thread and a thumb tack for the smaller ones. Larger ones require a screw hook. White thread works best.

With a length of thread (youi'll have to experiment to get proper height for you ceiling), tie one end in a loop around port wing. Care should be made to ensure loop is tight and won't slip off (ie make use of aileron or other wing features). Tie other end around starboard wing using same techhique. You should now have your thread attached to each wing securely. Find the middle of the thread and loop this under the tail wheel (or nose gear depeding upon C-of-G). You should now have a thread that runs from port wing UNDER tail and back to starboard wing. Grab the thread on each side of the model and lift. You now have the model supported by each wing and under the tail wheel (or nose gear depending upon C-of-G). You can now twist model to pose roll and climb. Once you have posed model wrap the thread loops once around thumbtack and stick into ceiling.

Here's kinda what it looks like... [dust is optional]


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I agree 100% with Wurger; the problem with hanging is dust that will no doubt end-up by covering your models...

If you still really want to do so, you can also trap the thread between fuselage and/or wing halves before gluing them together. I would personnaly recommend hanging models inside a large showcase to prevent them from dust, and from accidents.
I hang my models with a thumb tack and fishing line. But yeah, the dust sure does pile up on them. For the more detailed ones I usally try to display them on a base. I saw in a magazine a few weeks back a guy who mounted them on the wall. He had quite a collection, but I never read the article...
It's a good idea to consider you may move soon or later and think about the safest way to transport your assembled models.
I glue most of my models on small individual dioramas consisting into a square piece of plywood covered with either a portion of runway, grass or snow using train modelling stuff like sand, grass, plaster etc. This also prevents the models from being touched as you can hold the ground plate for showing them or transport them.
Now I agree with Vince .It is a very good idea to put a model on a small dioram.Krzysztof Wagner ,the "father" of the Polish plastic modelling reccommended this to protect against the dust and touching.In addition ,there is described in his book how to make a box ,with one transparent wall ,where a modeller could insert a model into this.That's a pity I haven't had a digital camera or scaner to show you the idea..
I agree wholeheartedly with Vince and Wurger. Hanging models up prevents you seeing the results of all your hard work, makes it impossible to keep them free-ish of dust, and is a recipe for eventual crash-dives! Decent shelving, or squares of plywood, are the thing IMHO.
For exposing my models I adpted my book-cases, by replacing wooden shelves for a glass. I mounted a glass door also, so my models are protected agaist dust and the most dangerous watchers (why do they want always touch my precious models!).


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well this is different method I prefer to have the aircraft in a flying status so I forget about the gear and drill a hole up the rear and jam metal rod into it (without lube) and can pose the aircraft in any attitude that suits me


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this is because my 9x9ft room wont hold that much, and a shelf big enough to put my bigger projects in wont fit, so I'll hang them, I see them everyday anyways
tnx for the tips they were very helpful
I would recommend using clear fishing line f you are going to hang the models from the ceiling, and if you have a light dimmer switch the line will be nearly invisible.
The boxes have two sizes, the larger has the double size in length that the small one. All have the same depth and heigh. They have four little pieces of rubber in the downside of the base, so they can´t slip. In this way I can put them in the shelf or I can make a pile with them in the corner of the room or laying by a wall because they are modular.
Spitfan, do you buy these or make the acrylic boxes. A lot of space, but serious possibilities.

...Especially if you don't have a wife. :)

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