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Dec 26, 2003
about crazys screens well i like the site and im planning on buying il2fb (i only have normal il2) and im gonna get it neway but i was wondering can u fly the b17? cu in ur screenshots it seems so and what other two engine(or more) planes can you fly and btw whats cossacks?
Ze Cossacks:

ADMIN EDIT: :lol: Ignore him, that isn't THE Cossacks that I'm talking about

If you don't know what plane are in FB (Including from the Patches..) here ya go:

A6M5 Zero
Me 109E/F/G/K
Fw 190A/D Versions
Ju 87 Stuka
Me 262
IL-2 (Of course.... ;) )
Hawker Hurricane MkI/II Version
Bristol Blenheim

and many, many more

Some of these Planes like the B-17 you can only fly with a special program. But if you get FB I'll send one to ya so you can :D

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Basically this is how it works:

In single player, a special program is required to fly AI aircraft, such as the B-17.

Online in a multiplayer game, as long as external views are on, and the host has loaded the AI planes into the mission plane lists, they are flyable. No cockpits, though.

Most AI fighters are worthless without being able to aim, but the bombers, like the B-17 and the Pe-8 (which carries some big-ass bombs ;) ), are just plain fun to fly. The sea-planes are a hoot, too

Here's a link to the Cossacks homepage:
awesome! thanks fellers! ill tell u when i get it (that will be as soon as i get the $50 rebate for me phone)and btw im prolly getting cfs3 cuz its $30 and il2:fb is $20 so tada! $50and was wondering if any of u guys have it and if its better than il2:fb (other than graphics)
well yea considering fb ace and cfs3 are the same price i might as well get fb ace cuz it fas more planes and i like the flight models in il2 and if i played cfs3 id be unused to it but ill probably get it whenever my rebate comes in (or me mum allows) ill see u guys in game (ill be in brazilian p-47d (i am brazilian after all) and arent parnetheses in parnetheses annoying?)
and aboot the (lol aboot lol) the ai planes program do u know of any that make me210/410 flyable? cuz i love that plane (up to six wfr gr 21! (rotating barrels inside bomb bay is how it works) thats bomber killing to the max!)
I assume that this program doesn't give the planes cockpits? I believe Oleg made the game to uncrackable to allow unauthorised cockpits ;)

I won't be needing it anyway. What I mean by "I'm fighting with my single player mode" is that after about 5 minutes in-game, my comp decides that it would be wonderous fun to reboot spontaneously :( In fact, from time to time, my comp will do that regardless :cry: :cry:
GermansRGeniuses said:
aboot that program hot space can u use no cockpit mode where theres only a crosshairs and speedometer and other stuff but not an interior?

It's an external view as if your on the Tailplane, but you can control the plane as good as any other, plus it's fun to drop that 5,000lb bomb you get with the Pe-8 8) 8)

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Here's your 1st Link 8)

Download the 1.22 Patch (The 1.22 over 1.00exe one :D ).

With this, you can fly the P-51, Zero and Ki-84, plus you get the A.I B-17 and C-47 as well.

And once you've got FB up and running I'll send you that "Fly all Planes" Program by E-Mail and invited you to have a game with The Hells Gazelles Online Squadron

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