Is my username offensive

Is my username "SS Tiger" offensive to you?

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Senior Airman
Apr 16, 2006
Since I am a guest on this site I would like to know if my username is offensive. I have been on a few WW2 boards before with this username and never had any trouble, however on this one I have come across a member who finds it offensive. I want the members opinion on weather they think its offensive?
carpenoctem1689 said:
not at all...are you seriously a nazi? if not, then your fine in my opinion.

Not at all, I just think it's a very interesting part of military history.
well then your cool with me....dont see why something as simple as a name would offend anyone anyhow.
No, I do not find it a offense if you use it, as long as you do not say things that gives me the impression that you are one.

It is like the Swastika, it is what you make it. It is part of history and denying it is like saying that it never happend. The Nazis did do afoul things, but going over board with it is also crap and these days it is all about that these days that is why the Nu Nazis are getting so much attention these days.

I do not support them or what happend in Germany and Europe during WW2.

If you acted like a member of the SS, then I would have a problem with it, but you don't. The SS could also be noted by some as a ship name.

That being said, an entire branch of my wife's family went up the chimney in places like Treblinka and Auschwitz. But as long as you continue to post as you have been, as a history buff and not a proto nazi, I'm okay with it.
Not for me.I agree with Evanglider and Lesofprimus As long as You don't act like the nazi your username has no meaning.
If anyone has a problem with SS Tiger that's their problem. What the hell does anyone think visiting any WW 2 discussion site; they're going to see items about ex-enemies? And that's the bottom line ex-enemies. This penchant people have for political correctness at the expense of the majority these days so the minority can be sated is just sad.

If I began a topic about the virtues and vices of the SS as effective fighters would that offend someone? Geez get over it folks. SS Tiger is just a damned tank!!
Nothing wrong with it at all. In a graphics lesson the other day I was on, the teacher saw swastikas and told me to get off it at once because she found it highly offensive, which I thought was a bit over the top though...

I have nothing wrong with the sn though SS, you dont act like a Nazi or anything so I dont see the problem.
Thanks guys, you all seem pretty sensible.
you might want to think through in regards to the veterans that post here on occassion from WW 2. don't think you really want to dis them by saying " get over it " Why don't you just take off the SS and leave it as Tiger since this seems to be what you are trying to portray though your avatar confuses me with an aviation theme and a panzer alias for your name. do as you wish but sometimes an alias as your user name may not be taken in all seriousness and your replies may be negligent in coming by serious posters.
As a Moderator, I agree with Erich 100%.... As I have said twice before, some may find it offensive for very valid reasons, and I dont think poking fun at them and saying "get over it" is the correct way of putting it Twitch.... If it becomes much more of an issue, I would recommend to SS Tiger that he shorten his nickname as well....

My Grandfather hated the Japanese, dispised them, and carried that feeling to his grave.... If u told him to get over it, he'd punch ur fuckin lights out till Tuesday...
The username doesn't bother me personally in the least. I happen to agree with Twitch. It's a WWII related site, and such things as "SS" and "Nazi" are naturally to be expected. Having said that however, Erich and les make a good point about some veterans visiting the site now and then who may take personal exception to what they perceive as a glorification of sorts.

Bottom line as far as I'm concerned is that it's entirely up to you. I don't see it as anything more than a WWII related username myself.
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