July, 30, 1945

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Nov 9, 2005


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The Tiger Sharks certainly didnt think so... I talked to a survivor, had to be 20 years ago, and if u ever saw Jaws, where Quint is talking about his experience, it was almost identical....

Completely sickening situation that should have been avoided....
I just wonder if by summer of 1945, the uSN had grown so big so quickly, more than a few officers were into things way beyond their ability or training.

The loss of the Indianapolis was more a demonstration about a system wide failure than just to plain old bad lck.

My neighbor who was a sailor on the LST had a very low opinion of some of the officers he served with. Said they were unqualified for command simply because they didnt have the experience or charachter to lead. They were there because the navy needed them due to a shortage of officers.

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