King of Spain Shoots a Drunken Bear Dead

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Nov 9, 2005
King of Spain Juan Carlos I, who was on a visit to Russia in August, has killed a domesticated bear, as Sergey Starostin, deputy head of Vologda Region's Hunting Grounds Preservation Department, reported to Vologda Governor Vyacheslav Pozgalev. What is more, the king made the bear drunk:lol: .
Juan Carlos I visited Vologda Region in late August. The king and his retinue stayed at the House of the Wood Grouse recreation zone near the village of Limonovo. The place had earlier welcomed celebrities as film director Nikita Mikhalkov, Russian Emergency Situations Minister Sergey Shoigu and former Finance Minister Mikhail Zadornov. The Spanish guest did not make a secret of the fact that he had come to that middle of nowhere only because of hunting.

Two months after the visit, details of the royal hunting have leaked. "An abominable performance accompanied the hunting of King of Spain Juan Carlos," Starostin tells Vologda Regions's government in a letter. "The party 'sacrificed' a good-humored and jolly bear called Mitrofan who had been kept at a farm in the village of Novlenskoye. The bear was put in a cage and taken to the place of hunting. Afterwards, the party made him drunk with vodka mixed with honey, and pushed him out to the field. Quite naturally, the massive drunken animal became an easy target. His Majesty Juan Carlos killed Mitrofan with one shot.":leftfighter2:
What a punk?! That ain't hunting, that's an execution. Bear is nice and buzzed and some royal clown pumps some slugs into him.

Let's get the king drunk and plug him! One less royal in the world...
Both sets are pretty much the sponges of humanity. Royals and the "American Royalty" of the Kennedys. Knew other people like the Kennedy clan when I was growing up (dated a few of them- female variety that is) and they had this weird belief that they mattered simply because of who their parents (in these cases, grandparents) were. Most blow their money and have no idea how to make a living.

Very few of them turn out to be much more than drunks. In short, lowlifes with money until it runs out.

Glad to see the back of them.
The Kennedys have made important contributions to America. Aside from much of the Kennedy drama, Bobby and Jack attempted to bring positive change to America. In my opinion, Bobby might have been the best president we never had.

That said, Ted Kennedy makes we want to vomit on a daily basis. Someone please explain to me why he isn't in jail???

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