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Mar 26, 2007
Can we have that please as a standard option in stead of only with a new reply?
If you select the latest post button from the thread list it should take to the last post.

If you select the latest post button from the thread list it should take to the last post.

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That is what you when there is a reply you havent seen. I would like a feature that gets me to the last post regardly. I add a lot to existing threads so for me it would be nice.
IMHO , that's impossible to add the buttom without changing to the forum soft. Its code has to be chagned what is not easy to do. If you want to see your latest post just move the cursor over your nick below your avatar and click the message number in the pop-up tab. You will be moved to the page with all your posts listed from the oldest to the latest one as the first ( on the top ). Then click the post on the list.

Also you may click your avatar thumbnail at the top bar on the right. Then click the number of messages there.
Donno but i would have thought a button go last post regardless when posted would be that difficult. But i dont want to be a nuicance. Its only a bit of kit i would like no biggie. Thanks for looking in.
I'm not sure what you want to have. Where should that button be located? And it always should go to the last page? What would be the benefit of that?
Place right next to the watch button. My point is that if i have read a thread the go to new button is gone as it should. And go to last post is nice because i do read most of them and if i search or use the bookmark function i not go automaticly to the last one. Wich for me isnt ideal adding a lot to existing threads.
I still don't really understand what you mean. If I open a thread, Ican easily go to the last page by using the paginator and selecting the last page, is that not the same? :confused22:
Like here on the Color for a model thread, where you could select 133? (133??Jeez.....)

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