News pages, why can't we post?

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You may be right my friend. But the way the posts there can be sent is a kind of the spam protection. There could be a lot of spam if the folder would be accessed by all. In the way the content there can be controlled without getting unwanted posts with violating the forum rules about advertisement , trading etc... Of course we can edit the "Events" title of the "public folder" and add the proper info making the purpose of the forum more clear for all users.
I think we as moderator team misused the news as well in the past, or at least did not use it as intended. There are many threads there that don't concern the forum, but other 'news' items. That is probably also causing the confusion. I think Grant has a good point, which we should think about.

I agree. Maybe we should move them to a true "News/Current Events" section that all members can post in?
I agree with Grant. And I still maintain that this header makes no sense. Is there a Past and Future header?

Thanks Wojtek, I sort of get what you are saying, but it is easy to see why we get confused. The mod controlled section should be for forum news, rather than warbird/museum/aviation news, which we should be able to contribute to. Again, clearer titles and definitions would be appreciated.

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