When are we getting a new....

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Aug 21, 2006
In my castle....
....instead for this boring one?

So for now we got another banner. Wojtek has been working on it and I helped him as well as I could. I think it works moderately well, but I found that a banner like we used to have doesn't work as well now as it used to do on the old script. This is mainly due because of the modern responsive design, which means that the layout adapts to the size of the screen you are using. It's rather difficult to make a banner that works on all kinds of screens. But I think we found a workable tradeoff. The only glitch I see at the moment is that I see the spitfire being displayed for a second or so and then disappears when the page is loaded on my mobile phone.
If you have any remarks or problems, please don't hesitate to bring them foreward.

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