Latins in ML Baseball

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Nov 22, 2004
Being kind of new in the world of Major League Baseball is that i have one question (hoping there are baseball fans here):

I´ve been noticing that players from Latin America, or of latin heritage, are currently among the very best and most valuable players in MLB, with an apparent dominance of guys from Dominican Republic; names like Manuel (Manny) Ramirez, David Ortiz, Alex Rodríguez (current holder of the largest contract in sports history award -USD $252 million 10 year deal-), Miguel Cabrera, Alfonso Soriano, Alberto Pujols and several more.

Also read an article about a guy of mexican origin, Joel Zumaya, still far from being a star since we talk about a rookie barely past his 20s, but last season he threw a fastball radar guns recorded at 104 MPH, possibly holding the record of the fastest ball ever.

From the Detroit Tigers weblog:

"Joel Zumaya led the AL with 233 pitches clocked over 100mph. Kyle Farnsworth was 2nd…with 26.What's even more impressive is that he threw 884 pitches faster than 95mph which is 4th behind starters Josh Beckett, Justin Verlander, and Felix Hernandez. "

I am aware there had been many superb latin players in MLB in past tamies, but is this like some sort of new tendency or had there been any other "eras" where latin americans displayed the kind of power in the numbers the MLB is witnessing today?
Right Adler, also i´ve been told about large numbers of currently unknown cuban superstars taking over MLB once the communist regime collapses.
Would not surprise me. The Cubans know how to play ball. There also has been quite a few Japanese that play in the MLB as well.

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