Lets have a chat about the Ki 36 Army Co-Operation Aircraft

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Fatboy Coxy

Airman 1st Class
Aug 24, 2019
Hi all, the Ki 36 Army Co-Operation aircraft entered service in late 1938, with 1,334 built until production ended in Jan 1944. A variant, the Ki 55, was used as an advanced flight trainer, another 1,389 of these being built. It was able to operate off small air strips, its fixed undercarriage no doubt helping in working off these rough strips. It was employed in small units of 3-6 aircraft, and was highly successful, until Japan lost air supremacy in a theatre, and then it proved very vulnerable to enemy fighters.
Despite only being lightly equipped to carry 10 Type 92 bombs weighing 15 kg, five under each wing' the Japanese used these aircraft in combat. They were often under operational control of ground military units at the level of the regiment and even battalion. Another use was to be part of a larger strike force, but they would attack secondary targets and targets of opportunity.

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