London Blitz night bomber 1941 - Heinkel He111?

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Mar 2, 2005
I wonder if anyone on this board could help me find some information.

I am looking for details on bombers used in the Blitz on London in 1941. From my current research, it seems that the Heinkel He111 H-6 was used for a number of raids around this time, but I'm having trouble finding specific information.

Does anyone have any more detailed information on Heinkel bombers which attacked London at this time? Details on camouflage and markings, as well as the particular model would be very useful. Also details of whether they were accompanied by fighter aircraft, perhaps Messerschmitt Bf109E fighters?

Many thanks in advance for any details.

Hope these help...


Unit: 9./KG53 'Legion Condor'
Serial: A1+BT
Plane wearing the escort identity bars carried by bombers involved in the large daylight bombing raids on London 15 September 1940.


Unit: KG55 'Greif'
Serial: G1+JF
Battle for Brittan period of fall 1940. This plane has an interesting night camouflage: The top is standard camouflage RLM 70/71 combined with non regulation black patches. The bottom and partially the sides of the nose are painted completely black. The emblem of KG 55 was painted on the cabin behind the pilot's seat.


Unit: KG 55
Serial: E
This aircraft was used against England in the 'Night Blitz', based at Dreux and Villacoublay in 1940. Night camouflage.
:lol: no

and the main german bombers during the BoB were the:
Heinkel He-111
junkers Ju-88
Dornier Do-17
Junkers Ju-87

and they were escorted by day but not by night by Messerschmitt Bf-109Es...........
BTW, there was a D version of BF110 with a huge fuel tank. I think it was a long range escort plane. Any idea what was the range of that one?

And question no.2. What types of a/c did the Italians fly over England in October 1940? (so called spaghetti party). I know only about fiat g50 as an escort.
How interesting. I knew about the Germans bombarding Britain, but I didn't know the Italians got in on the act, but then like most of WW2, the Itailians just didn't make an impression.
The Italian bombers were BR20's and they paid a heavy price. One odd thing, when the British looked at the crach sites at least one of the BR20's had a rifle with bayonet on board. Why, no one ever found out.

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