Materialism women in your town/city

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Nov 22, 2004
In this capitalist/consumist society of the so-called western world, materialism has completely gone out of control.

When meeting girls in the present day world, whatever might be in your mind has become irrelevant; same thing about your personal looks.

You might be a genius, you might be a donkey; you might be a great spirit, you might be a criminal; you might be handsome, fit and strong, you might be an ugly fat amorphous being...totally irrelevant.

So, what is it that really matters for most girls in the present day world?

MONEY. Ok guys,, repeat after me: M-O-N-E-Y. Yes, money and all and everything that is either directly or indirectly connected to said item. To them, money is the item of all items.

After spending a rough 2 months in Moscow, and being back here in this unexplicable city I can tell you, if there were any inner values left on this planet, they are all gone now.

How bad has this phenomena gotten in your place?

Do girls first ask and tell about cars, money, credit cards, shopping like freaks, and how much money your family has? Do they first tell you about the very expensive purchases made by her family? Her last and very expensive vacation?

Are they always in the rush for buying the latest cell phone shown on TV commercials, even though if them tramps will only use it for sending/receiving calls, leaving 99.99% of its features unused?

Will she dump you if a guy with more money or a better car shows up?

Do they behave like corner bitches in front of the rich guys of the school, openly waving their butts and showing 3/4 of their breasts?

Aha! and something very important, it does not matter if them ladies come from wealthy families or not. They are all out after money. Rich, middle class, or poor. As a Moscovit friend of mine put it "these are all climbing monkeys".

You know...climbers...seeking a social upward mobility that would eventually place them in the "high" ranks of society.

We might agree human beings have been like this since the dawn of time...but the world we are witnessing today is particularly sick and annoying. No other era of humankind can hold the candle to the mad parade we are part of here.

I find all this very interesting. You should see Moscow, it is a circus. A grotesque and pathetic, but very funny, circus. Thousands of girls that a mere fistful of years ago wore the same underwear half the week now behaving as if they had been long time members of the western european royal houses.

Absolutely funny! Zero style, zero class, but lots of expensive clothing. Or so they believed, for Moscow is flooded with chinese pirate items copying the designs of the top european designers. Hahahahaha!

Come on, share your thoughts and experiences on this particular matter, and enlight us, show us how pathetic, sick, perverted and twisted this place has become!

22 years ago my brother and I were out on New Years Eve. I just divorced and he just broke up with his girlfriend. 2 lonely guys sitting at a local hot spot drinking the night away....

Two girls sat at the table besides us - we tried to strike up a conversation but it was abundantly clear they wanted nothing to do with us. My brother and I always had a 20 second rule - if a lady didn't seem interested within 20 seconds of striking up a conversation, MOVE ON! So we did....

At 11:45 we ordered 2 bottles of Don Perigone - the 2 girls who earlier given us the cold shoulder had IMMEDIATELY made them selves at home at our table - within seconds my brother began to pulverize the two gold-diggers with insults and profanities that probably made both of them blind and sterile. Needless to say we both went home alone that night, but I slept very well! :evil4:
well at 15 money isn't such a bit issue for girls but most of them are sluts not even i'd go near, ME! now that's saying something........
i like that 20 second rule....... i'd use more then that, i'm younger...

but girls = spending money..... you can do nothing with this. unless marry a nun
After my last divorce I was single for about 5 years, about 2 of those years I dated regularly until I met my current wife. There were a lot of single moms looking for a support vehicle for their kids, a lot of single gold diggers without kids looking for a man so they won't have to work anymore, and a lot of "sugar babies," "young-ins" looking to shack up with that older man to support them until they were invited on American Idol or shacked up with "Fazio" the muscular looser pool boy, who would maybe marry them, knock them up and leave, putting them in metioned category one. At that time I was in my mid 30s, so I was able to date from 21 to my age (for the most part I stayed between 25 and 35). I found that the real materialistic bitches became interested in me when they saw my car (I had a cherry red Mustang GT at the time) heard I had a good job and found out I was a pilot (the pilot thing was a magnet). It seems at that time I "blew off" a lot of women I thought who were one of the 3 categories mentioned, possible making up subconsciously for rejections when I was in my early 20s (some of these women were hot in their 20s and still looked good after having a kid or two, but now the cards were in my favor as I didn't need to find a babysitter on a Saturday night - don't have babies with looser assh*les you're going to divorce in 3 years :rolleyes: ) Anyway, many would ask "Do you fly," and my common line was "I do, but not with you." Carma! :evil4:
Lancaster Kicks Ass:

At 15 money ain´t a big issue for girls? (?????????)

May I ask what is the name of the limbo where you are living in?
Come on Lanc, I am only 5 years older than you, and I can tell you of at least two cities: Moscow and Mexico City.

Go to any of those, and meet a few female specimens of the middle-class for Mexico City (the so called "new russians" for Moscovits) that are 15, 16 or 17 -or even younger-: if they even take a 1/2 second glimpse at you, you come and tell me and will give you my favorite surf board. Note that I did not include those girls of the higher classes, for they will not even roam nowhere near you do.

Are you positive about this? What is the name of this limbo located in England?

Teenagers not focused on money...hard to believe, but it can be possible I guess. Teenagers are prone to become the stupidest, most clueless of all materialists.


Of course not. The last time I went there was -iirc- 5 or 6 years ago. I find it boring, also the overdose of over-patriotism, over-heroism and over-superiority of the place annoys me.

Having left my home city several years ago, I do think I will never get used to its cold again; I see no use in staying in a place that guarantees slit and snow on your nose every time it comes out of your coat or scarf.
Yer I hate that when women try and chat me up for my money and then there are the 'men' who chat me up just for the money too ;) :lol: .

Have you ever thought lads that for some lasses men who flash money around are a big 'turn off' and it can really put the nicer girls off.
But on the other hand, if you think girls who show copious amounts of boobs and arse are doing it just for the sex and nothing else, well you're more stupid than I thought you were.
But on the other hand, if you think girls who show copious amounts of boobs and arse are doing it just for the sex and nothing else, well you're more stupid than I thought you were.
Damn!!! Chalk one up for Cripps....


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well new russians are some of the richest people in russia...... sure not a mid-class dude..... they can have anything they want, the latest hit is a diamond cell phone....

everything is matter of intelligence, udet....... if you have enought money, you're all over it...... i don't wanna date some dummy cow just cause she has nice boobs and ass and face (well why did i write it in this order? :-k ).

i'm just fine with what i got. =P~
Women objectifying themselves? In L.A?

Why, never. :lol:

At my age, I'm not worried about it and haven't experienced anything of the sort, but of course they exist. But don't go generalizing about - not all women are sluts.

I´d invite you to re-read the non-sense you just posted there.

From your comments something can be deducted: (i) you have never been there, (ii) haven´t visited in a while, or (iii) you were there recently but spent the whole time flying in the clouds. Get an update.

So, dude..."new russians" are not a "middle-class"...what´s a middle class in a country like Russia?

I can clearly detect a middle-class in countries like Mexico, United States, Canada...but Russia?

A high-class (100% material) girl from this city, for instance, will enjoy luxiries the 98% of the so called "new-russians" will never get to know. Only girls from the Royal families of north/western europe will surpass her.

Ummm...let´s see, theoretically, a mere 15 years ago, there were "no social classes" in mother Russia. Right, there are many times when theories get overruled by what the daily experience shows.

New russians are some of the "richest people" in Russia?
Do not forget private businesses, private ownership and free market are like the new toy in the store in Russia.

Not to mention this new russians are a significant minority, located in one fundamental area: Moscow. The vast majority of the country continues to crumble. Met a friend from Saratov in Moscow, and conditions in his city are very depressing.

So this new Russians, are not "some of the richest" of the russians, they ARE the richest. Period.

But who knows, there might also be the "new-Czecs".

As I said, I have visited the place, but not in a while.

My father had told me he first took me there when I was a very little child. Over the years we went there several times.

I insist, the place bores me.

Syscome I´d appreciate it very greatly if you could make yor contribution to this thread by sharing your experiences with material people, namely woman.
I have no problem with material woman. They want my materials, I pretend to have it, then they throw themselves at my feet and I take advantage of it.

They dump me when they find out I lied to them

lesofprimus said:
U just like spreading ur seed across the country, growing an Army of FBJ's to eventually take over the Republician National Convention...

Minne me's - all flying around in gatling gun armed Cessna 150s....

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