ME 262 Yellow 4

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Mar 28, 2009
Be wary of the descriptions of the colours. These were not official. The RLM system was a numeric system, just like the modern FS system used today. The number of the colour was matched to a standard colour chip rather than a complex set of mathematical values, but the principal was the same.

Different manufacturers gave the colours a verbal description, presumably as a sort of shorthand for their workforce.

For example in Dornier documents, rather confusingly, both RLM 81 and RLM 82 are described as "dunkelgrun".

Messerschmitt described RLM 82 as "olivgrun" (and RLM 81 as "braunviolet"). I've seen RLM 82 described as "Hellgrun" too

You can see that RLM 82 is described unofficially using different words. This does not mean that the colours were different.

Incidentally you can find RLM colours 64,69,71 and 83 all described as "dunkelgrun" by various organisations at various times simply because they are all a dark green colour, though not the same.



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Jun 19, 2005
BTW will Hu102 army green be ok for a Republic built P-47d cockpit?

The Humbrol 102 can be the cockpit interior green for P-47. Here are samples of the Hu102 Army green and the Hu149 Dark Green that can be used as the cockpit interior green as well. Also you can use Model Master 1764 European Green FS 34092 that is knowe as the Medium Green 42 or Foliage Greenas as well.
You may use the Humbrol 163 Dark Green FS 34079 . But A nice colour you may get mixing 1 part Humbrol 88 Dark Green and 1 part flat black.

the Hu102


the Hu 149


the Hu 88


the Hu 163


the Model Master 1764.



Oct 15, 2018
This is correct.
It is clearly visible in the Schleswig line up photos, fifth in line next to the B1-a two seat trainer.

It may be the jet on which Lt. Czypionka of NJG 11 had two engines installed at Lubeck before flying it to Schleswig shortly before its surrender.

1st June 1945. Flown by Flt.Lt. Arend to Twente (Holland)

8th or 23rd June. Flown by Arend to Farnborough.

29th June. Flown by Sqn. Ldr. Tony Martindale to Brize Norton.

At Brize Norton it received the RAF serial VK893 and was flown by Bell test pilot Jack Woolams.

6th September. First flown at the RAE Farnborough and was flown regularly until 29th November 1945.

That's from Dan O'Connell.

Hi Steve,

There is a bit of confusion here. the ME262 Yellow 5 was WNr. 500443 and belonged to II./JG7 at the time of surrender at Schleswig-Land. It was later marked USA 1, but never collected by the Americans.

WNr. 112372 was Red 2 at the time of surrender at Schleswig-Land belonging to 10./NJG11. it was ferried to Farnborough via Gilze-Rijen on May 19th, 1945 flown by Sq.ldr Boxton. It stranded for some time at Gilze-Rijen because of hydraulic problems. This was the aircraft that Leutnant Czypionka "found" at Lübeck-Blankensee on April 26th, 1945 and had new engines fitted. At that time it was a abandoned aircraft from JG7.
a little note Georg C did not fly red numbers in 10./NJG 11 the single seaters were all day fighters with white numerals very early/spring-April/May of 45. they were trying to shoot down RAF Spits the last days on day missions.
Hi Erich,

I am afraid you are totally wrong. Leutnant Czypionka flew red numbered ME262 as night fighters belonging to 10./NJG11. They were Mosquito hunting over Berlin. The ME262 were equipped with additional equipment to allow them to fly at night. Leutnant Czypionka regularly flew Red 6.

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