MIA C46 found in Tibet

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
In another thread, there is a discussion of WW2 transports. While reading it, I remembered something regarding a missing C46 in Tibet that was found in an unusual way.

Someone was looking at hi res satellite imagry of a remote area of Tibet and saw the unmistakable outline of a wing. This person was looking at the images for mapping, and was not looking for WW2 artifacts. Was it luck or devine intervention that this person happened to be looking at the one image of this forgotten region of the world where a artifact was visible? Sometimes I think God intervenes in strange and unexplainable reasons.

One thing led to another and eventually a military crew got to it and found it was one of the many MIA aircraft from that era.


What is even more amazing is that they found another crash site while looking into that one! Good info there, but the Freep article has a mistake:
The C46, pressurized for high-altitude wartime runs, crashed during a return trip along the hump route, a supply run from India to the Chinese wartime capital of Kunming and back that ferried goods to China-based U.S. forces and Chinese Nationalist government forces battling the Japanese

The Army never flew the C-46 pressurized.

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