Mosquito Mk.VIs attacked the Headquaters of Gestapo, 1945

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I know of three squadrons that took part they were- 464 squadron RAAF, 21 sqd RAF and 487 sqd RNZAF.
On the night of 14/15 July 1944 they destroyed Gestapo billets at Bonneiul-Matours.
On October 31 they attacked Gestapo HQ at Aahus, Denmark killing some 200 enemy personnel and destroyed valuable records.
On 21 March 1945 they attacked Gestapo HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark and as far as I know they lost two RAAF aircraft but the raid was highly successful with the building being gutted by fire.
This is pretty much all I can tell you, hope it helps.
It was a remarkable bit of flying by all three squadrons and the raid was a great success. Unfortunately, one of the aircraft hit a chimney and crashed on to a school and the subsequent fire was bombed by a number of following aircraft. Many children were killed; in such ways are magnificent episodes tempered.
Thank you, GT, for the magnificent elaboration and for the points of correction. I'd forgotten that Air Commodore Basil Embry was involved, though I shouldn't have; as an adjunct to this particular topic, he is a man whose life story is well worth reading!
That was a real awesome presentation, GT, better than I've read in books on these guys...and a movie of it too.......... Their exploits were most audacious and courageous, and live on in history, Basil Embry himself abit of a legend...

I'm still trying to dig up more detail on this Wing's tour of duty, especially 487 [NZ] Sqn.'s history...I'm hopeful of meeting the last surviving member of the Squadron soon, he lives on the other side of NZ to me, I spoke with him a few months back on the phone - Trying to arrange to get some time free, to go over, possibly in a couple of month's time...
I've always been fascinated with the Strike Wing's war, and are always trying to find-out more.....

Thanks for that book-tip Wildcat, it's not one I've read yet...- I've an ancestor that flew with one of the Typhoon escort Sqn.'s for Operation Jericho, but are still trying to find-out if he flew on that mission. He was KIA in May 1944....

What a great choice of topic......


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because everyone should already know the story of this amazing aircraft, it should be taught in schools!

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