My 332nd Fighter Group Tribute

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Feb 13, 2007
I have recently started building a tribute to some heroes of mine, the 332nd FG. I would like it to serve as both an informative and educational section to my site.

I must also mention, that while my website is a commercial venture, the tribute is my own personal 'project' and is worked on in my free time, as a 'labour of love' you might say. I will of course place my Red Tail art in the art section of the tribute, but the rest of it will hopefully interest guys and gals like ourselves, who are interested in the history, while also preserving the memory of those who made such sacrifices. If I can draw (excuse the pun) a few people to the tribute and they learn about this unit, then it's a worth while project. 66 of the airmen didn't come home, so this is for them!

When time allows I will add more photos, information, artwork, and any other bits and pieces of interest.

Hope some of you will drop by and find some of the information of interest.

Thank you
WW2artist, Yours is a fine site. Perhaps you would be interested in an anecdote. In the 1970s, I worked with a good ol' boy who had been a ball turret gunner on B-17s flying out of southern Italy. In conversation about his experiences, I will not recount the racist language he used when referring to flyers from the 332 Group. But he did say to me "When you saw those '51s with the red tails, man, you knew you were goin' to get home."

John Cahill, Mount Vernon, Virginia USA
have you noted my correction on 15th AF fg's 262 jet claims to actual losses yet ? .....
Hello there, Erich, fancy meeting you here...:lol:

Yes, I have actually been on the facts section of my tribute page just a moment ago adding some more info and making some corrections.

I have stated that the 332nd are reported to have downed 3no 262s, and have disregarded the information about further claims of 262s by other 15th AAF FGs, as they are not really relevant in this case.

However, I do remember reading that the first 262 downed by a 15th AAF pilot was actually from the 332nd......from info on the other forum it seems this is incorrect, although I would like to get to the bottom of this matter.

Take a look at the revised facts if you get a moment Erich, and let me know what you think.

All the best.

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