Mysterious airplane

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Jun 15, 2007
I am trying to identify a figther airplane that I have seen underwater in a bay close to Cefalonia (Greece). I have not been able to see if it had any characteristic symbols of one particular nation. It has a rectangular snout, a propeller with two or three arms, the wing started from unteder the fuselage, and it had a boxer motor. Can someone help me identify it? Thanks alot...

Need a picture because that description was not very good.

The way he described the wings makes them sound like they are from a Stuka.. but the rest of the description to me does not mean anything.
Just recently a crashed JU87 was recoved by the Greek AF and archaeologists from about this area. Could this have been it? It was lost on a mission about 1941 (with crew) in deep water and about 6 months ago it was dragged into shallow water by the nets of a fishing boat and it remained there until the authorities arranged its recovery and preservation in a museum.

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