Need your input/vote on usage of discussion links

Use discussion links on main page?

  • Yes

  • No

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I go there quite often as recent posts often scrolls through so fast that something I am interested ends up on page 8 or 9 and I seldom go that far.
I must admit alerts is my first stop though
I use them frequently and only switch to "Recent Posts" if I need to find something further back (helps when activity is particularly high or I haven't logged in awhile). It also helps that there are multiple categories in the Discussion Links, which in particular keeps new requests for information from being buried under the more active threads.
Help guys, I would like to start a new thread, but can not
figure out how to do it...?

Go to the forum you would like to create a thread in. At the top right, above the thread list, is a "Post New Thread" button. Click it:

Then enter a title for thread and the content you wish to post. Then click "Create Thread"
Thank you horse.:salute: And thank you for being there also Geo.:salute: I will
give it a try tomorrow. The Mrs. says we are in to her time now.o_O
I love her and she is right.:)

Goodnight guys, you're the best, Jeff
Note: it seems I've responded here once before, but
I swear the attachment was for something different the first time around.
Makes it look like I gave two different answers to the same question, but I'm certain the attachment was different the first time I answered.

...confused....have we moved onto another question about the forum upgrade? (actually, since the last time I was here, it does look different around here. Has the upgrade already happened?)

P.S. - Nevermind, just saw the announcement about the thread upgrade.
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As with others, although if I see a topic of interest in that list I'll click on it.
One feature I miss is "Your recent activity" under "Forums".
Sometimes the alerts do not appear to work and that is the only way to see what is happening on recent discussions.

- Ivan.

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