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Mar 10, 2003
Florida, USA
Showing new posts organized by different sections of the site. Placed at the top of forums on main list. Is that something you guys like?

Looks good! :thumbright:

Many thanks for the forum improvements Horse (David?) - it's great fun, informative and always visually impressive.
And I love that Random Media concept - brilliant!

Agree with Marcel. A note though , the same info is displayed on the right template with the New Posts. However its menu seems to be quite useful. Perhaps the menu could be accessed as the options at the top bar for instance.
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Yes I agree on crowded. I am thinking about the organization up there. I edit code to thin up the displayed info in this module.
I will still play with it. I like the option to have segregated post info. Helps bring posts from less noticed sections out.
Thanks for input will keep tweaking.
To be honest, I never linger on the main page and go straight to New Posts so I won't see the feature banner and latest threads which seem to be just the top of the New Posts anyway. That said, if your intended audience is visitors, then both additions are attractive. The feature banner needs regular upkeep though to keep it fresh and I'm wondering if you or other mods who have the ability to modify it will be able to support it as time goes on. Thanks for featuring my stuff though!
The object doesn't scale well on my telephone screen.
It's also a bit buggy. The object is projected over the "alert" menu on my phone, android6+ chrome. I'm guessing something is not right in the HTML tags.
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