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Senior Airman
May 12, 2005
Hey guys, I was wondering what you what nickname you would give your plane.
I would name mine "Speedy Gonzales." After the fast little mouse that came out in cartoons.
I'd have to spend some time with it to see what characteristics stood out so as I could come up with a name.
Ok, if I am in a bomber, fighter, or transport, the names would be a little different I think.
Bomber -b-24 15th Airforce, Megan's Fire, with noce art of a Pritty Redhead :)
Fighter, Spitfire, Princess Elizabeth, the Royals stayed home, she was a classy girl even so young. Or maybe St. Paul's that big church stayed standing.
Transport, PBM-5 Morean -Art work of Mrs. O'Haira on nose.

So all a bit much? Please let me know.
Hmmm depends on the kind of plane for me.

Bomber would be: Archangel
Fighter: Wicked Knight or Baby Mine
Night fighter: Carpenoctem
Dive bomber: Comet (plunging towards earth, like a dive bomber o_O)
I'd call mine BOLO, this thrown spear some Filipinos used against the Americans during the Filipino American war.... its just too bad they didn't have enough guns or ammo
Fighter: Crimson Lightning (gotta have a blossom on the nose like the one Hartman had, except red)
Bomber: Ifyoucanreadthisyou'redead
Transport: Donna Shoo Mee
Dive Bomber/Attack aircraft: Heaven's Fury
Yes, but did he use dull/crimson or did he use the bright red I'm thinking about? And then maybe the Red/White striping like on the late F190 Ds, except the white would be replaced by black, and the red would match the cowling (red paint) color.

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