Oblt. Heinz Bär, Bf 109E-3, White 13, 1./JG 51, France, September 1940 BoB GB

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Nice one Jan if you don't already have the decals sorted I can let you have mine from the now defunct Academy kit as they are one of the few things that did survive the dogfight. The decals provided for the wings and body include the paint job so it just needs a coat of RLM65 overall,decals on and job done.
Ta much lads! Need to find a way to keep them separate.... :lol:

Cheers for the offer Magnu, much appreciated, but I've got the decals for the bird. I'll keep it in mind though, should I f*ck it up. Cheers again mate!
Done a bit of pre-shading just to try it out....


Oops! Ja, ein rotte ! Got confused with their being two lots of oics of the two models - that would have been a kette !
Looking very good. But the RLM02 looks a little bit odd Jan. Have you used the one of a correct tonality Jan?

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