Pics: Washington State - November Flooding

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Glock Perfection
Apr 12, 2005
Washington State
Pictures of flooding in the beautiful Mount Rainier area. Western Washington and the Cascades in particular received the highest amount of precipitation in recorded history this November. Here is some of the damage that has occurred as documented by the Dept. of Natural Resources. The raw beauty of the area is awe inspiring.


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Mt Rainier park is totally off limits due to flooding and loss of the road system within the area. an all-time first from what I hear.

If anyone ever has the chance though to visit, climb the peak and the sub-peaks............ go for it ! As Matt said it is wild country and so rugged and beautiful
Wow would have never thought of flooding would be like that in the mountains . No chance of a flood here though with my 165 foot or 55 metre ditch a mile away
...and if things keep movin' in their current direction, sooner rather than later.

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