posted in the wrong place, but still

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
hey, it's me again,

i'm trying to compile information for a history project about the affects of ww2 on the south-west of a quaint little country you might know as "England". :shock: you ceem like knowageable people, have any of you out there got any information about the topic, not just the war in the air but on the ground and sea, don't go out of your way, just if you hav some in your comp. or somthing :cry: :crazy:
I know a fair bit about the War in Europe during 1939-1945 but mostly about aircraft - i had grandparents who lived during the war (my grandfather was a navy photographer aboard a Royal Navy aircraft carrier) like i said most of my knowledge is about aircraft but if i can be useful to you just let me know

Why would a New Zealander be particularly interested in German aircraft?
Theres nothing wrong with that, i just wondered if theres any particular reason :?:
Well, why not?

I have been 'into' airplanes of WW2 since I were a lad! And in the last 20 or so years that interest has turned to Axis aircraft, mostly German, I guess I'm fascinated by the wide range and variety that the Germans turned out.

mrs. banks =our english teacher 8) one lesson we was supposed to be doing work but we was on here, she caught us and started telling us about how great she thiks the spitfire is :|
And I'm assuming you added something along the lines of "The Lancaster is so much better than the Spitfire", right Lanc? :lol:

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