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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium

today I met a Jewish WW2 RAF veteran called Jan Wiener. It's a 85 yo gentleman who served in RAF 311 bombaradament Wellington squadron. He was for 5 years in a Communist labor camp in Czechoslovakia then. After that he left for USA where he teaches history on a university in Vermont. He half time lives in Czecho and teahces on the local university his lifestory too.

A very interesting man. I'll be in touch with him. He let me, even I'm not a university student, to enter his semester! Unfortunately, he refused to give me a recorded interview - he believes his WWII act wasn't anythjing heroic and it was his obligation to Czechoslovak democratic Republic. He also said he has fun of those other airmen who make parades in the uniform.... I hope to talk him into giving me an interview speech.

Just wanted to share this great experince (will defeinitely dilate) with you guys. :)
Mr. Wiener himself:

and some links:

www.villagevoice.com/ issues/0134/taubin.php
...let's just say, you wouldn't want to be called Wiener in a British school.
It does mean a sausage, yes. But what else do you think you can gain from that? Think about it...
lesofprimus said:
Wiener is another word for cock, dick, penis, or dong....

I understood it... must be funny to call him "Mr. Wiener" in the class. :lol:

But he's a very distinct person and I think very much of him!

This reminds me some funny names. My mother works as a Doctor so she has a lot of connection to other docs. Very remarkable names and connection to their proffesions:

Mr. doctor Ptáček on Urology (in Czech, the dick is called "a bird" - "pták", and the 2nd level diminutive is "ptáček" - "a very small dick")

Mrs. doctor Červ on Parazithology - červ=worm

Mr. Doctor Měchýr on Urology - měchýr=bladder

and my father knows persons who're called Mr. Prase (Mr. Pig - literally!) and Jorge Slimák (slug-snail)


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