Retirement for Shane Warne

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Oct 17, 2006
Brisbane Queensland
To the other forum chatters who love watching Cricket. News has come about today 21st December 2006 that Shane Warne has announced his retirement from Internationally Cricket for Australia. His retirement takes place after the last Ashes Test in Sydney January 2007. Shane Warne is set to take his 700th test wicket in Melbourne during the Boxing Day test in Melbourne and after his retirement will still fulfill his contract requirements for English County sides. He will be missed sorely by Australian Cricket fans. Good onya Shane well done mate for Aussie Cricket
good riddance, cockey git..........

TSK TSK TSK Lanc sounds a bit of sour grapes me old mate. so what if he is cocky he can certainly play cricket as a bowler should. And lets remember Lanc he will possibley appear more on TV now as a Cricket commentator just to make your whole day pleasant and enjoyable during Ashes series. Isn't that wonderful hahaha
Warnie is a damn legend! In years to come he will still be talked about just like Don Bradman. We should count ourselves lucky that we were around at the time to see him weave his magic.
What? Warne is one of the greatest sportsmen ever, calling him a cocky git is a bit harsh, its all part of the character appeal...

no it's not, most of it's terrible sportsmanship, a lot of sports some stuff can be forgiven but Cricket should be a gentleman's game in which everyone is well mannered and respectful, the latter being most important of all!
He is, he's not the only person out there who sledges. There's no genuine hate out there on the pitch, its all in a friendly manner. There was probably more misconduct out there 20 years ago or so.

Warne is truly great, but I think Murali will exceed his wicket total.
Murali will take the over all wickets but Warney persona and general auroa will be missed. The talk out there has been there for years and certain Mr Collingwood gives as good as he gets. Beauty of it what happens on field stays there.

Macgill cant replace him hes too old really maybe one test series even that would be pushing it. New kid called Cameron White can step up although he doesnt spin as so much flight the ball into the batsmen. Should be interesting.

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