Rotary Wing Aircraft

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Ukrainian Mi-8 landing at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo

1990's Stateside, our Georgia Army National Guard Infantry Battalion conducted frequent Air Assault and Sling Load Ops. We actually pioneered and tested the Tandem Humvee hook-ups with the custom "Knuckle" connecting the two vehicles shown under the Chinook.
Love the sky crane. I have some photos filed away from the 70s taken with an 126 point and shoot. My trips in the air was always in a CH47. Other trips always got grounded while in Germany due to weather.


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Back in the '90s I worked for Kaman Aerospace. The division here in Tucson developed the Magic Lantern mine detection system that was fitted on USN SH-2 Super Sea Sprite helicopters. The main division also produced this odd-looking duck, the Kaman K-MAX.

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