Running blind with a hot french fry in my eye...

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Airman 1st Class
Jul 2, 2006
Nora Springs, Iowa
Hello again everyone! I'm back, long time no see, etc. Well not many things have happened her so far.
1. The anti-aircraft gun is no in the garbage, complete failure.
2. We hit a major bump with the hover craft. No engine...

But other then that, It's good here in Iowa. Lots of snow, and really cold!
Hope everyone is doing good here.
Some such thing. It burst into flames again though, never got the barrels quite right. Got shot in the leg by one of the roman candle balls. It hurt....
I knew her from here, but then she moved a couple years back. We just got back together a few months ago. I'm not willing to let her go either, she's just everything I need.

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