Ryan STM crash

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Poor guy, hope he's ok. That is a gorgeous plane, too bad.
pbfoot said:
okay I'm stumped whats the difference between a pt22 and the stm aside from wheel pants
An STM has an in-line engine, probably a Menasco, the PT-22 has a radial (Jacobs). The structure is real similar.

I used to work for Teledyne Ryan - one year several PT-22s and STMs converged on the facility for a fly in....
Here's some pics to compare the two. The first one is the PT-22 the other being the STM.


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okay thanks i was screwed up with the pt26 cornell with its inline I'll get it all sorted out but Ryan had the pt16 with the inline also
The Ryan ST came first as a civil trainer. It is powered by a Menasco inline inverted 4 cylinder of 125 hp up tp 150 hp supercharged version. The Ryan ST-M is the military version, the difference being the cockpit stringers are visible as humps down the sides below the cockpit openings, these are internal on the civil version, also the military airplanes openings are larger.

The Ryan PT-22 is an evolution of the ST and has slightly swept wings and a five cylinder Kinner of 160 hp.

Postwar mods have PT-22's converted to Ranger six cylinder inline engines, Continental, and Lycoming's to. Some even opposed cylinders!

That looked like a very nice airplane and a very nasty accident. Notice the concrete drainage culvert in the pictures, I wonder if it had something to do with the accident?

For some reason I thought I saw one with a jacobs?!?
asked a excellent source my father who worked on the pt22s and he said the Warner Scarab and Kinner which he states were almost interchangeable plus the Menasco

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