Soviet Roadside Bus Stops

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Well you know this joke about Soviet technical "miracles"?

Two friends meet. The one has very shiny watch on his wrist and is carrying two humongous suitcases.
- "You have very nice watch!" says the first man, "But are you travelling somewhere? What do you have in those cases?"
- "That's the batteries"
That was interesting. Funny how the bus-stops were the only Soviet era buildings with any real creativity.
Well, that is not true!!! :!:

There WAS A LOT OF CREATIVITY IN THE SOVIET ARCHITECTURE, but 90% of it was really, really kitschy...

It is usually called by the term Socialsit Realism, be it archuitecture, paintings, poetry...



Look at the Kremlin and everything else at the Red Square. I actually was amazed when I was stanind there in front of it.


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None of that was built during the Soviet era of course. Classic Imperial Russian Byzantine architecture, with all the onion domes and the like. Quite ornate really, and really quite beautiful in the pictures. Supposedly, the insides of the buildings are even more so. I'm a bit envious of all you folks here who travel to St. Petersburg on a semi-regular basis.

I'm sure most of you know this already, but for those who may not, the "Red" in Red Square isn't a Soviet reference to communism at all, nor does it refer to the red brick buildings. Red Square was apparently named so because of the old Russian word for "beautiful", which could also mean "red". (Where's Medvedya when you need him? :lol: )
Ÿou mean "Krasno" - that is "Red", but in other Slavic languages (ei. Czech), it means "beautiful".

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