Starliner Panel Project

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You know the panel set up might be operator specific but If I had to guess I would think your missing instrument might be aa ADF head. Here's a photo but it doesn't show what you need.

Saburo: Here's a pic of the instrument panel of an EC-121T (N548GF)
which should be just about the same thing. Hope it helps.



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Hi Saburo;

Actually after looking at that picture the instrument is a directional gyro. As far as the switch, I thing it's a static source selector. It looks like it had "alternate" and "normal" positions.
Hi FLYBOYJ,thank you for your time,
Today I went to one of the rare Aviation bookshop in Paris, and I found "Naval fighters number eight" C-121 constellation and there's diagram of a "typical" C-121 instrument panel on which there's a "static selector valve"
so your identification was very accurate !
You say that the instrument could be a directional gyro, the 1st word of the label just under this instrument looks like "Polar" as those aircraft were often used on "Polar Routes " do you think that was a very specific directional gyro ?
Thanks again for your very valuable help,

My pleasure Oiliver - The DG might of been set up so it compensates for variation as the aircraft operates over the poles - just a guess but I'll look into it. Charles flew on these guys he might have some info as well....
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