Those Edmonton Oilers and the Broom....

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Don't post here that often, but had to get in on this one.

Carolina / Edmonton is turning into a great series. I figured the Oilers would HAVE to win Game 3, back on home ice with their backs against the wall. I take 'Canes in 6.

The national media are clueless with their cracks on the Carolina fanbase being dumb hicks, not knowing hockey, etc. Same goes for the fans of more "traditional" hockey markets (i.e. Buffalo), saying stuff like, "They're not real hockey fans, they don't deserve the cup." I don't understand why they are so hostile to cities that haven't been on the hockey scene as long as they have. Isn't it GOOD to grow your sport?

Raleigh and the Triangle are in the grip of total hockey fever, and we are all having a blast down here. From everything I have heard, the Edmonton fans who have come to Raleigh have been total class acts, great people, and Raleigh fans have made a point of going out of our way to make them feel welcome, because over the course of last week the Edmonton fans have been such great guests, and have developed that reputation among the fans here in Raleigh. That's very refreshing after all the problems that occurred with Buffalo fans in the Eastern Conference series. Props to you, Edmonton.

Let's hope both teams can finish the series without any more bad injuries.

Go 'Canes!
I hope Carolina wins the Cup for the reason is Ice Hockey is the in my mind is the greatest sport and these fans in Carolina should share the joy
Wow, what a hard-fought game. Those last 2 minutes were a nail-biter no matter which team you were rooting for. Damn, and I was going to go to the RBC Center to tailgate and watch on the Jumbotron, the arena is about 5 minutes from my house, but I ended up at work late, had a bunch of other things come up, and ended up watching it at home. That's the first game of the playoffs that I watched at home.

One to go.

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