Unable To Delete Posts.

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
The title says it all - I'm unable to delet my own posts, hell why?
This way some other Mod has to do the job...
Thanks for solving / answering.
Not any current one, you did a great job last time.
But it's quite weird, why regulars can't delete their own ****?
By the way, I'm superior to other regulars, I'm a half-mod, hehehe. :laughing8:
Then, you have to forever be made fun of by both sides. Who will call you a half breed. Until you eventually get booted, unregister, or just loose interest with this site and just stop coming. Which I'm not condoning.
Chief said:
My point exactly, Pisis.

Pisis made a joke directed at a Mod., that was a obvious joke, notice the laughing symbols.

Your comment was directed at another member. Member to member, I might add a Junior member to a Senior member. It did not look or sound like a joke.

I don't think Chief you have to worry about Dan handling himself, he can do it all by himself.:|

See those meatballs on his sig? Don't be the next one. Let the Mods handle their own business.
Almost every n00b became one of them... Not me though, cause I had no idea about Les and I started very sharply on this site, hehe.
And I was here before Dan was made a moderator, and we had a clash of words. Which some of the more senior members will remember.
Dude, I was poking fun at Pisis for calling himself a sub-mod. It doesn't say moderator under his name. Therefore, I felt it was all right to do so. Besides someone was gonna make fun of him for his comment. Which is what really confusing me how can you dismiss guys if your not a moderator?
Pisis is nothing here more than a senior member here....

Ive had clashes for 2 years on here, including some very memorial ones, the highest of which was pD's....

Chief, I saw that u were kidding so its no sweat... Pisis was ebing a typical Pisis and goofin... Someone had to call it... As for the Moderator thing, anyone whose name is either red or blue is either a Mod or Admin... Very simple...

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