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Valiant..... out March 25th here in the UK. It's an animated film (even the WW2 planes) 'based on' the true story.... of the pigeons used during WW2... yes you read that right, a true story about pigeons!!!!
They carried messages which helped orchestrated strategies to win the war (a good story, if you ever get chance to read up on it).
It looks to be a good laugh( see some of the cast line up below)... so go check it out.

It is 1944 and WW2 is raging in Europe. Valiant is a wood pigeon who dreams of helping his country. Together with his cousins Toughwood and Tailfeather. they are encouraged to join the Homing Pigeon Service (HPS) , having been promised great adventure.
However. on arriving at camp, they soon discover that they have been misled. Instead of warm accommodation and the company of some very attractive nursing doves, they are under the watchful eye of a rather tough drill sergeant and some pretty revolting food. the regime is harsh.
Hapless as they are they manage to get through a very stiff training programme and are given their 'wings.
Now fully qualified, and as part of the pigeon squadron, they are sent on a mission behind enemy lines. they have been charged with carrying key dispatches from the french Resistance to allies regarding the D Day landing which will be taking place in Normandy.
But its not going to be easy. They are attacked by enemy falcons, and worse still Valiant ( Ewan Mc Gregor) has been captured. Will he be able to escape. will he be able to escape and save the day?

Ewan McGregor. Jim Braodbent, Ricky Gervais, Rupert Everetts, John Cleese, Hugh Lawrie, John Hurt and many more..

Its WW2 and true.
Have you heard of it?
Have you heard of the stories behind it?
Have you seen it????
What you think????
Is there a site on it ???
Are we linked( good possibilities here)???
Any comments????
Have you got a pigeon???
Have you got a life????
have you got anything worth Knowing???
Hugs Cripps
Lancs, CC says he hasn't got a life, shall we let him come to the cinema with us. Concorde I collect you on the way through London, we could do a group booking ;) Anyone else ( you can all buy your own popcorn though :rolleyes: ).

Hey Lancs I see that the Scorpions/Priest are actually playing Plymouth Pavilion. If you wanted to see bigger bands would that be where you would have to travel to ( that is a real question, no sarcasm meant hon)?
:lol: Yes, I imagine a lot of them will be stalking that evening!


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All sounds far too wild for a gentle gal like moi!
Sorry Lancs, waited for you and you didnt show up :cry: so I went with my teens to see the film on mi way home from work.
My son hated it, but my daughter and I liked it, Ricky Gervais (voice) made it. But only 6/10 the animated Lancs...had to be worth a visit.

BUT!!!!!! and wait for it.... in the film fella....'VIN' ( God amongst men :oops: ) is in a new a Navy Seal :lol: :lol: :lol: jeez where is Les when I need him.
The film looks god awful..... and 'I' will love every moment... ummm! God bless the big screen :rolleyes:
I'm saving up as we speak ( well I will have to go more than once...or twice, or three times........)

do I need help? 8) going for a lie down now.... too much excitement
6/10 the film, I thought I had put 6/10 the animation Lancs (to you, ya burk) and yes I can tell the diff jeez give me some credit. I know I dont know much about planes (except I love um), but please hunny.... THE Lancaster :( . I make a mistake in most of my posts Lancs ( av u never noticed.... that wud b your rose coloured glasses when it comes to my posts then :lol: ). I rush and dont check um half the time ( I have a life outside this site..... ....or a half life, or half dead, or....something :rolleyes: )
So rest assured I know my 'Lancs' Lancs.....see VERY confusing for me (doesnt take much you see) Maybe I should stick to calling you ' Jesus' again.
Anyway..... glad you liked it some ( the film). What you fancy seeing next ( hey Im in Plymouth over the summer.... you and CC better beware.... might drag you to the flicks or a concert>>> well if not you two, maybe your moms :lol: :lol: ).
Have you seen the 'Incredables' now 'that' is a cracking little film.
I want to see Constantine with Keanu Reeves , think the special effects could be good.... and I like a film to make me jump (I loved 'Final Destination'..... the bus scene). 'The Machinist' looks interesting.
AND I can't wait for May...when 'Revenge of the Sith' comes out. reet enough from me>>>>Im off now.
hey let me know what you're in plymouth perhaps we could hook up some time, and just out of interest how old's your daughter, is she single an sexy an does she find the thought of a lancaster a turn on?? (just like her mum :smilecolros: )

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