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Apr 6, 2005
Les asked me to organise my vids a bit more. So this one is going to be the first stab at that.
We have a couple of misc clips - one of Harriers in USMC service etc. and the second is from the RAE Farnborough. I should warn you that it includes the crash of a WW2 plane - looks to me like a Hudson but maybe wrong.
These are small so anyone should be able to download them but the quality is a bit below par.


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Any idea if it is a Hudson? Electra?
It's an an odd montage... HP155 delta test plane for Concorde prgram (I saw this at Cranfield airshow when I was a kid) then Lightning, Comet and this unidentified crash which I had never seen before.
Looks like a Hudson to me, Roy. The Hudson is pretty much the same as the Super Electra airliner. It's a great airplane, not sure what happened there. Joe might know as he worked at Lockheed and might have some history on that plane.
I get worried about these doc makers. Seemed like an irrelevance to me. Gratuitous almost. That said such planes were in UK service. Too much schadenfreude in non-fiction TV methinks. Argh a pox on them for patronising their audience.
Hmm maybe - but he was standing what looked like a Tornado wreck. I think this kind of 'specialist' programme could avoid being sensationalist - leave the crash clips to the 'fodder for the masses' shows. I am surprised no one has brought out a video of plane crashes along the lines of the car crash ones etc. Police Camera Action stuff. I know someone in the cops and he says they film everything these days just in case, and make a tidy packet out of it. Oh well, that relieves the taxpayers' burden.
That's a nice one Roy. I am still amazed at the Lynx flip. I first saw that at Mildenhall in 1986 and I almost shat myself. The C-130 stuff was a bit too familiar for me, but it was great too. That combat landing is quite a ride. I lost track of how many times I did that. Some called that the "vomit comet" ride. I don't get airsick, so was usually yelling "WEEEEEEE" in the back while the other guys were in full hurl.

Ah memories...
Thanks for the comments.

I have a vid somewhere of the Transall crew getting the Khe Sahn pitchdown wrong etc. Now where did I put it...?

Lucky you getting rides in the Herky Bird - one of the truly great machines!

When were you at Mildenhall?
I was actually stationed at Lakenheath from 85-88. Because it is so close to Mildenhall, I went to the Air Fetes there every year. That's where I first saw the Lynx do it's roll.

While I did get "rides" in the Herc, they were just a means of transport to where I was going. Because of some of the places we went to, that diving landing pattern was used many times. While I didn't get airsick, it still always made me nervous to be pitched down like that. I usually yelled "WEEEE" as a way to break the tension. It usually worked. It doesn't when accompanied by the familiar "plink plink plink" of incoming rounds though.

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