VT gets hit by a loon

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May 20, 2004
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some of you if you are close to a TV in the States may have heard that a gunman -dead- shot at least 25 students dead-29 ?, at least 25 in the hospital and at least 4 in critical. Virginia Techs largest dorm was hit first then the gunman proceeded to the science/lab building and started shooting and then moved on the lat I heard .......

someone I know will of course add with something more current, but even with the media giving glimpses of strange things in the mid-east you know there is going to be much coverage some warped even in covering this tragedy today.

another evil eyeful
Yeap been following it now for the last few hours.

Right now one channel is saying 22 killed and 29 wounded and another is saying 29 dead and 32 wounded.

Not sure which is accurate.
I've heard 32 dead now the lat 10 minutes, it's all confusing as the media coverage is trying to phone interview students who of course only can give their own personal bio of the situ as they saw it......sound like real life don't it ?

it will be a day or 2 before what is know that is gonna be given to the public. also heard the asian that was popped/gunman may not have been alone
I dont think he was alone either. The shootings took place in 2 different locations. Granted they were a few hours apart but still, seems a bit fishy to me.
I pray for the families.
without a doubt. Remember Columbine ? 3 loose cannons of little boys trying to big thugs and were allowed to work on their techniques for too long. that insanity also came this month on the 19th along with the Waco Texas craziness

back to Columbine, my wife and I had quite an interesting weekend 5 months after that tragedy with dad and speaker Darryl Scott who lost a daughter. There is still so much about that Columbine affair that is still hush hush and the families have never been allowed all the true story.

now this thing the same month and 8 years later some clown comes in on a huge campass and the VT author. alert the kids through e-mail that there has been a shooting and another possibilty of one, and instead of immediately closing up class and telling kids to stay put the poor students sit in class while this moron comes room to room and sprays people............... then and only then does VT authorities tell kids to stay in their rooms and away from their windows as there is a shooter about.

Granted there is so much and it is too early too tell all of the events but I wonder again about people in charge if they have a sense of brain power
From what I've heard, the first shooting was at 7:15 am in the dorms. Then there was another blizzard of shootings across campus two hours later. All pretty confused but evidently it was some dude with a 9mm and .22. Seems like he did an enormous amount of damage with two pistols. 32 dead?

This thing is really odd. Early reports just don't add up. Bu then again, they never do.

Also very sad.
there is cell phone video footage posted on the BBC site. Several shots in rapid succession were heard.

The A** hole was on a mission
Anyone hear that he was looking for his girlfriend (or at least a girl) prior to shooting? Sick MFer. But keep in perspective that you are more likely to be struck my lightening than killed in a school shooting.

Want to do some good in this post tragedy environment? Send some money to the NRA/ILA. The Chucky Schumers and Nancy Pelosis are going to come out of the woodwork demanding your guns. Wait for it.

I will pray for those innocent people and their families. May some good come from this evil.
Matt I hear ya about Hillary/Pelosi and their pussie ideas about grabbing "our" guns. C'mon and get it cause I'll cut your guts out ..........

ok that was fun, now to some other stuff. Virgina police have another suspect in custody possibly the 1st shooter, evidently knew one of the two young folk murdered.

man I hate to say this but no school anywhere for students is safe, I keep waiting to hear about something here, and no I am not demented. There are still many unknowns on this thing ...........
But keep remembering. This is not the norm. What is interesting is the number of recent shootings where the location was a "gun free zone". Gun laws. They work perfectly for those who are law abiding citizens. Wonder how this might have turned out if others on campus were allowed to carry concealed?
We have 2 threads on this running so I brought this over from ther other thread...

and of course gun control would make it a bit harder than being able to buy an assault rifle over the counter no questions asked....

One thing Europeans (And other folks) don't understand is that most of the gun violence committed in the US is done so with illegally purchased or acquired guns. Assault rifles are not the choice weapon of a criminal in this country as many of them are are bulky and hard to conceal and many of them cannot be bought over the counter in this country as many of them are banned, some by individual states, another myth bought by then rest of the world when US gun laws are scrutinized.

The massacre committed yesterday was done with handguns. Whether this nut purchased these guns legally is another story.

BTW Virginia Tech had regulations about firearms on campus - Students and faculty members are forbidden to bring firearms in the dorms and in the classrooms - that regulation was a big help yesterday. :rolleyes:

The highest gun crime rate in the US is in Washington DC, where the most restrictive gun laws in the nation are. The lowest is in Arizona, with the most permissive gun laws. A direct correlation, maybe, maybe not. In the 1800s most males went armed, and many females. There were still murders, some multiple. The abundance of, or lack of, armed individuals is not a deterrent to one obsessed with this type of action.

For several years screwdrivers have been used for violent attacks more often than knives. Should we restrict or outlaw them? What about base ball bats? There were murders long before firearms, it goes with our species.

My point is, no amount of laws would have prevented this. One that is intent on murder or any other crime is not deterred by laws. Laws are on the books to keep honest people honest and to punish after the fact. Hindsight is always 20/20. From what I have seen the police reacted with reason as did the University Administration. Some events just can not be altered or controlled. I am sure the lawyers will prey on the victims families and point to scapegoats other than the actual criminal.
Well said FBJ. Statistics have shown that concealed carry law states have seen their violent crimes go down. As a result, there has been a literal run on states enacting "shall issue" concealed carry gun laws. And now they are saying that this guy was a foreign national. There is another gun law broken.

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