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    At what point could we say that the VVS made its recovery from the disaster of 1941? It seems to me that the shift to the Mediterranean and the Stalingrad disaster finally gave the VVS the breathing room to stage a recovery and start to become the juggernaut of 1944-45; without that I don't think the VVS could have achieved its full proficiency and size without the LW being distracted and drawn off from late 1942 on. Assuming that the US wasn't in the war after 1941 could the VVS have rallied at all? As it was the USAAF is purported to have destroyed some 35,000 LW aircraft in addition to smashing up German industry; had the 1942-43 draw down to confront them, in addition to the lack of need to develop special aircraft for high altitude operations and heavy bomber killing that compromised fighter design for medium/low altitude anti-fighter combat, it seems that the VVS would have continued to be slaughtered in the air for years.

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