What are you doing today?

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Remembering friends and family who have long since departed. Lavon Prather died Vietnam in 1969, Ralph Edward Posey, died Vietnam may 1971, and my step-nephew Gary Wayne Walters. died April 2005 in Iraq. They gave everything so that others could have everything. What makes the death of Gary so sad is that he had a little daughter that he would never see or hold. Rest in peace.
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Today, tonight....we're doing overtime!
Airframes Airframes ....not your usual size of order Mr. Fox, is your young self having a dry week, only 80 bottles!


....and my toy for the evening is:

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I continued with painting the screen porch. I got the worst part of it done, where the paint was flaking off in large sections and significant corrosion was underway. When the structure was replaced after the 2017 hurricane the new aluminum sections apparently had a totally inadequate paint job. So I scraped off the flaking paint and as much of the rest of it as possible and also applied some of that orange paint remover. I then painted it with Sherwin Williams metal paint primer, which is rather thick and goopy stuff. The results look rather crummy, but still not nearly as bad as the flaking was and at least the things will not corrode away if the primer coat works. Today I started scraping on some other areas; fortunately they should be easier to paint. When I rescreen it one day maybe I can give it a better paint job.

Still have the south and east sides to do, but they are not visible from the house, so...
My plan is to paint one wall of my house each year; I last repainted the whole house in 2007. Of course that plan was formulated before the porch started flaking so badly......
We hired painters to do the house last year. Chose to do the garage ourselves because it's just one story. We're using the leftover paint.
I'm not a fan of aluminum. It seems to corrode too easily. The steel framed storms and screens on our old house were pretty much indestructible. The aluminum ones on our current house are pretty rough.
Aluminum is a beech to paint unless it's been prepped/etched.
My previous AL porch had a couple of areas that I had to strip, prime with Zinc Chromate, and repaint, but no where near as much surface area nor as bad as the present one.

On the last porch I had to reinforce the bottom of the screen door after my Mom kicked out a panel, but I primed the new aluminum panel and painted it white with Rustoleum products and it lasted just fine, even with the dog scratching on it.

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