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Putting in the window A/Cs. A big one in the dining room, plus one in each bedroom. In three years when the youngest moves out I will look into a central air option. These things are heavy, and a pain in the butt having to haul them up from the basement every year, then back down in the fall.
Cooling my heels waiting for the plumber. They've given me a 4 hour window. Probably show up at noon.
In the meantime my wife called to let me know that the check engine light went on in the van. It never ends. :rolleyes:
Have her look under the hood to see if it's still there.

If so, problem solved.

Ok, not funny...I'll get my coat.
Wait, this Terry's, where's mine?
Seems to be the going rate.

I'll double it!

So do I....


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