.......What is a tank???

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Mar 4, 2004
can some one please inform me as to what is a tank please :D :rolleyes:
I might not be an expert on that but as far as I know, a british Invention designed to mow over german Barbwire and trenches during WWI... later to be perfected by the germans moreso in WWII.
My great uncle faught WWII: italy in one, god blessem
hi aussie jim, "bang bang gun" . i've never heard of that style of gun. could you tell me a bit more about it please :rolleyes: :shock: :rolleyes:


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thankyou aussie jim for your feed back. i just cant help but think you might be taking the p*ss out of me for some reason. :shock: i just want to be as good as you one day but i must still start from the bottom :onfire: :snipersmile:
I just think maybe you have stumbled into the wrong Forum Sinka :rolleyes: ..and being an Aussie yourself im sure you can handle the sarcasm :sign3: Do you really not know what a tank is or have you been living in the bin for too long :shock:
:) no i havent been in the bin for to long i dont think. a fly picked me up from the dump awhile ago and droped me over the bin a week or so ago :twisted: . i only just got into the whole war thing so i just need a guru like you to guide me along the way. take me under you wing aussie jim, i love you :oops: :tomcat:
lol...............just a bit of sarcasm aussie jim. i really dont love you :twisted: . where in oz are you? can we do something on the weekend together. that would be great. maybe we can go and drive some tanks that go bang bang like the gun you told me about :p
hi admin, i am only new here so please take it easy on me. i would love to learn more about all this stuff....aussie jim is just hastling me out cause oneday i will be better then him and he is scared of me :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
:shock: loose one!!!! what the??? i think you might be losing it aussie jim. dont let me get under your skin. you are my idle so far until i find some else to help me bypass your knowledge of the war and other issues. :lol: :lol: . i will defeat you aussie jim :twisted: . war has begun in oz land so i am coming to defeat you. get ready, i'm coming...........
This could be the funniest forum convo ive had in a while :greenjumpers: but i am a bit worried about you Sinka :love1: ...

Do you really want to know about tanks or is this some freakish thing on :violent1:

and no..im not scared of you..just worried :sex:
hi! there is one thing to know about tanks... that thing is Sherman tanks SUCK and German tanks ROCK that is the most basic thin about tanks you need to know an example would be that ONE German Tiger 1 could hold off an entire armored column of shermans =P im not sure how many tanks are in a column but i know its more than six o and shermans are american but brits and aussies used them too
8) hello,..... anybody out there.......aussie jim needs to be defeated :mad: we must all get together and go to his place to defeat this master of the war.......somebody, everybody, join me.......join me now, lets work in unisome. we can do it, i know we can :ogre: :wrestler32:
:shock: :silly: i can hear the funny farm truck coming now Sinka... :glasses5: please come with us ... :glasses4:

and you wont get much good info out of German...just silly remarks like..Germany is the best and the rest suck ;) ..but hey he is probably only a kid :rolleyes:

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