What Muslims Should be Doing!

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Apr 9, 2005
Colorado, USA
I used to live in this town, its from the local newspaper.....

Muslims to stage peace rally tonight
This story appeared in the Antelope Valley Press on Friday, July 22, 2005.
Valley Press Religion Editor

PALMDALE - As four more terrorist bomb blasts rocked London's mass transit system Thursday, Antelope Valley Muslims were preparing to mobilize to condemn such acts in a showing of solidarity, unity and peace.
Muslims from across the Valley will gather tonight to voice condemnation of the terrorist bombings and to show in spirit and body that these atrocities are not Islam.

Chaplain Abdul-Wahab Omeira, board member of the Islamic Center of the North Valley in Lancaster, has organized a peace rally from 6 to 10 p.m. today , at the former Kmart building at 10th Street West and Rancho Vista Boulevard (Avenue P).

The July 7 terrorist attacks, staged by suicide bombers in London, killed more than 50 and injured more than 700 others. Thursday's bombings, for which no group had claimed responsibility as of late in the day, injured one person.

Omeira, along with Kamal al-Khatib, leader of the American Islamic Institute of the Antelope Valley, are calling on not only the Muslim community, but residents of all faiths, to turn out in force to condemn terrorist acts that are being falsely proclaimed as acts of Islam.

"We need to proclaim that what happened in London is murder; it is not Muslim," Omeira said. "We need to show our community this is not us."

"Everyone thinks this is a great idea," al-Khatib said of the rally. "We are trying to send a message to the world that these terrorists are hurting Muslims, not only here, but around the world. This is not Islam."

The rally, which has no formal structure or keynote speakers, will include a candlelight vigil for the people who were "murdered" in the London bombings, Omeira said.

Omeira said the Muslim community must fight back by not just speaking out in newspapers, on television and on radio but by showing their faces en masse.

"We can no longer stay asleep," he said. "These people do not belong to any faith; they have no religion; this is not Islam."

Al-Khatib echoed the same sentiment, saying that these infidels must stop committing murder in the name of Islam. "Don't do it in our name, do it in your name," he proclaimed.

Dignitaries from across the Valley have been invited to join members of the community's two mosques, including members of the Antelope Valley Interfaith Council and members of the Antelope Valley Human Relations Task Force, which strives to stamp out hate crime and prejudice in the high desert.

Omeira also has contacted widespread news media from CNN to the BBC in hopes of gaining worldwide attention that Muslim communities, not only in the Valley, but across the country, can no longer stand silent. The Council on American-Islamic Relations is also expected to attend.

"I would like to send a message to the Muslim world, not just Muslims in America," Omeira said. "We need to protect our faith. It is appalling for someone to go out and kill someone in my name."

Omeira believes that much of the silence in the Muslim community about these terrorist acts is due to shock, and the fact that Muslim people come from cultures and countries where governments forbid them to protest or speak out.

He said the time has come for Muslims living in America to know and understand that being able to speak out and rally are freedoms they now enjoy.

Attendees are expected to carry signs as well as American and British flags.

"We need to show our heartfelt sorrow for the families of those murdered," Omeira said.
Yep, and they are starting to do so. One of the local stations here, KFI, had a whole show broadcast from an Islamic center in Orange County. They asked the Imam some tough questions and I think they did a great job at educating the public. Good to see that they are doing this.

One thing that stands out from last nights show was when the hosts asked about the thoughts on Osama and his type. The Imam said that they were quiet because they felt that Osama did not speak for them and they thought that most would understand that. The example they gave is the radical Christians that blow up abortion clinics and murder abortion doctors. Most Christians know that group does not speak fro all Christians.

He said it was a mistake on their part to not come out and say it. That is why they are trying to do it now, so that people understand that Osama does NOT speak for all Muslims and they feel that what he is doing is dangerously wrong.
Not just them. Anyone with dark skin and wearing a turban, I'm afraid. There have already been one or two cases of Sikhs being attacked.
Nonskimmer said:
Not just them. Anyone with dark skin and wearing a turban, I'm afraid. There have already been one or two cases of Sikhs being attacked.

I've worked with Sikhs - always gotten along with them.

Years ago when I was in Canada I was at Canadair going through their machine shop. I worked with a guy who was from the UK and he as a bit shy, really avoided confrontation. I saw a Sikh working there and his turban was all crooked. I told this to my partner and be begged me not to say anything to the guy (he knew me by now). Well just to "stir the pot," I went up to him and told him his turban was crooked. My partner just about sh*tted himself and almost ran away. Well the Sikh glared at me with a frown which lit into an ear to ear smile. "Thank you sir very, very much," he said back to me in his strong accent. - I just about pissed myself from holding in laughing.:evil4:
We have two of them with the east coast fleet here in Halifax. Instead of the regulation headdress, they're allowed to wear black turbans with the Navy cap badge on them (or white ones for parade dress). That's cool, as far as I'm concerned. I've never had a problem with them.
I think it's all about ignorance Skimm I have Friends who are Muslim and are just as pissed of with it all as any one else. In Ireland 90% where anti IRA but it was a minuscule number that caused all the troubles and who are suffering the most, as in northern Ireland it is the ordinary innocent civilians. The other day that US Squaddie is issuing out some sweets to the local kids and some arsehole to attack the soldier is willing to kill 24 little children, I tell you this is nothing to do with real Muslims its the Muslim faith being used as a weapon in a war against the western powers by non religious bastards who are no more religious than I am.
I think it is about as low as you can go to hide behind some one Else's beliefs like that. Adolf used religion just the same to manipulate the Germans against the Jewish people. I do agree however it is in the Muslim's interest that it should be announced loudly by the Muslim community that they condemn such acts and will not tolerate the violence carried out in the name of Islam which is an honorable faith
Sikhs were allowed to wear Turbans in the British forces as well. Be it RAF, Navy or Army.
There are a few of them in the Army too I believe, but in the field they're required to wear helmets like everyone else. It only makes sense. They can wear turbans in garrison and on parade though. I'm not sure if there are any in the Air Force.
They have to wear 'em during flying, surely! It gives them extra powers! :lol: :lol: No but seriously, they have 'em in all arms of the service here. Had 'em during World War 2 as well.
I agree they need to start speaking up because are all being thrown into oen pot. I do not like to judge people because of there religion or color but with what is going on this world unless they start showing me something different I am going to keep leaning to a certain way and that is not good for them.
i read an interwiev with a Czech-born palestinian and he said he's not able to absolutely confirm the 9/11 attacks as a crime... so not all of them.

also i believe that multi-culturalism is a bullshit, that is what wont never work in the touch wit EU-US civilization and the Islam religion.
he said that london bombinbgs were bad, but he cannot completely see the 9/11 as a bad act, either he said that every Israeli citizen is a soldier and thereby bombings are good...
this may sound harsh guys, but my opion is that they need to go back to country of origin and use their creative western knowledge they have picked up here and go back to keep the radicals under control and re-new there country and build it up as it once was and in peace.........use their motives for good and stabilize their countries economy and put the men back to work instead of thinking how it would be best to be a fricking martyr for allah

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